First things first. Your going to need a bag.

Rather your planning on Bugging out, or bugging in, It’s just common sense to have a bag for a couple of reasons.

1) Organization

2) Less space required

3) And last but not least if there is an emergency and you have to leave you can just grab it and go, No need to worry about locating all your stuff and then packing it.


A lot of people are planning on staying right where they are during a disaster and that’s fine, However you always need a plan just in case, because you never know  what might come your way.

Anyway back to the bag. your going to want to look for a bag that is tough, not to big neither too small. I don’t think there is a one bag that fits all. Because different people have different needs.

For instance if you think you need everything, get a large bag put 200 lbs. worth of gear in it and you yourself can barely walk around, The bag is absolutely no good to you.

Bags range in price from ultra cheap to holy cow, so keep that in mind too. A super cheap bag may be worthless right out of the package, and one of the more extravagant ones may be way too much, so look around see what you like and what might fit your needs.

I personally recommend you have 1 bag for every family member and at least one in your car.

We will talk about some of the things you need in your bag another time.

Below is a relatively cheap bag on Amazon that has amazing reviews. it’s sturdy lightweight, not to big, and not too small. have a look. Click on the picture for details.



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