What to have when a disaster strikes.

There are plenty of reasons you need to have at lease some preps. Most often here in Alabama it’s Severe Weather. But it could be weather, Pandemic illness, or even a short term power outage. It is always a good idea to have some of these things in an emergency situation of any kind. Most disasters we would encounter are short term, however that does not mean a small localized disaster cannot turn into a much bigger one. So for this post were going to concentrate on disasters and loss of services for less than 1 week.

So below is a list of things to have when a disaster strikes. As before your list may be different and that’s fine.

  1. Solar or Hand Crank AM / FM radio. Like This One
  2. Batteries (at least 2 – 3 sets for all devices that need them)
  3. Emergency Candles. Like These
  4. Canned Food (all Kinds)
  5. Feminine Pads
  6. Flash Light Like This One
  7. Battery Powered Lantern Like This One
  8. Deck Of Cards
  9. Matches and or Lighters
  10. Soap / Shampoo
  11. Spices
  12. Tang / Vitamin C
  13. Suntan Lotion
  14. Tea
  15. Toilet Paper
  16. Basic Hand Tools
  17. Water Filtration Like This
  18. Baby Wipes
  19. Hand Sanitizer
  20. Tooth Brush / Tooth Paste
  21. Small Container of Non scented Bleach
  22. Energy Bars
  23. Nuts
  24. MRE’s Like These
  25. Tuna Packs
  26. Peanut Butter
  27. Plenty Of Drinking Water
  28. Pocket Knife Like this one
  29. Weather Radio Like This one
  30. First Aid Kit Like This One
  31. Tarp Like This One
  32. Work Gloves Like These
  33. Canteen Like This
  34. Hand Warmers Like These
  35. Whistle Like This One
  36. Fire Starters Like This
  37. Maps Of Area
  38. Rain Poncho
  39. Fishing Kit
  40. Propane Stove Like This
  41. Over The Counter Medications


This is only a partial list and could go on and on. It’s Just to give you an idea of some of the things you may need.

Some of the links above are affiliate links and I do make a small percentage of each sale if an item is purchased through the links, I would like to thank you for your support


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