13 Ways to Use 2 Liter Bottles

The Ready Roost

My husband is a Pepsi drinker. I drink almost exclusively water and coffee but occasionally I like a small glass of root beer. So we have 2 liter bottles around. In my state we have to pay a dime extra when we buy pop which is returned when you take the bottles/cans back to the store. But I find that re-purposing the 2 liter bottles is worth far more than the ten pennies I get back.

  1. Ice – I fill 2 liter bottles about 90% full and freeze them. They help keep my freezer full when needed and they are great for keeping ice chests cold.
  2. Drinking water – 2 liter bottles are FDA approved for consumable items so you can use them to store water. This is especially nice when you drink the ice cold water that has melted from use number 1.
  3. SODIS –This is a method of…

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Ditching procedure


Following our discussion on air, here are some interesting videos that show the reality of being submerged in a vehicle, how it sinks and some very valuable advice on how to get out.

Memory items 80.03 Memory items 80.03

This useful video also shows the correct drill established by actual practice and even demonstrates the ResQMe tool in action. It’s interesting to note how quickly you have to act especially as this is a scenario likely to have taken you by surprise. Well worth rehearsing on dry land.

This is also worth watching if only to see how much more effective it is to get out of the car as soon as you can via the windows.  http://youtu.be/rdqrduxK9To

and this:  http://youtu.be/2YaMEW30bv4

Now this is all very well being lowered gently into water in a controlled fashion but what if you go off a bridge or anything other than a nice gentle ramp? http://youtu.be/q3_HEKMgqbE

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3 Types of Emergencies That Could Happen to Anyone


By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Maybe you’re brand new to prepping and not sure where to start. Maybe you aren’t really interested in emergency preparedness but your well-meaning in-laws keep sending you links to websites about the topic.  Maybe you go to those websites and you see so much doom and gloom that you immediately exit. Maybe you say to yourself, “Holy cow, no!  I’m not one of those crazy Doomsday Preppers!”  (Maybe you’re the in-law sending the articles!)

If any of the above apply, then this post is for you.  It’s chock-full of links, supplies, resources, and information for those who are new to preparedness that may not be ready to dive in 100% just yet.

Prepping for Beginners (and Non-Preppers Who Like to be Sensible)

It’s all about what I like to call “prepping-lite”.  It’s for people who aren’t into apocalypse scenarios but who are sensible…

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99 Edible Plants for the Midwest Forager

Midwestern Plants

I got another request from a fellow blogger (Dr. Laura – Bipolar For Life) about edible plants in the woods. Now, I know she is very capable of plant ID, she’s even identified a morel mushroom for me that I will go back for this spring!! However, here’s the standard warning ~ Kids, don’t try this at home! Go out in the forest and give it a try!! 😉

About 25 years ago, I stopped at a bookstore and saw this beauty on the $5 table, United States Air Force Search & Rescue Survival Manual. I HAD to have it! I’m not much of a fiction reader, unless I was in between boyfriends and a new Fabio romance would come out… Aaanyway. I loved reading encyclopedias,  The World Almanac and Book of Facts, National Geographic and my favorite, Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers. This survival manual fit…

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