Knives and Wilderness Survival

One of the most important tools that you need to have whenever you are planning a camping, hiking, or any other type of outdoor adventure is a knife. You can use a knife for many different things such as cutting various things, building a shelter, killing food, as well as protection from other animals. A knife is also very convenient and lightweight which makes it very easy to carry with you on any types of outdoor adventure.

There are many different knives that you can take a long with you such as knives at your local outdoor stores. If you find yourself lost in the woods and needing a handy weapon such as a knife you can also make them yourself in many different ways.

One of the most popular types of homemade knives can be made by stone. Simply find a stone that is pointed. Once you have selected the stone you are going to use to create a knife your next step is to lash the stone with either a stick or wood, creating a knife end with the stone. Another popular knife you can create is a bone knife. These are very popular amongst survivalist and can be easily created from any type of bone that you can find, such as an animal bone. After you have a bone you then take a rock or wood and shape it into a pointed knife. A bone knife can be very useful in making punctures.

Another type of knife that you can make when stranded out in the wilderness is a wood knife. You want to make sure that you choose a type of wood that is hard and dry. You want to take your piece of wood and use a stone or other type of wood to shape the piece of wood to a pointed end. A wooden knife is one of the most common choices of weapons to use when stranded in the wilderness, because they are easily created and the materials are literally right at your fingertips.

You can also make a knife with bamboo. Bamboo is very easy to shape but still provides a strong point to use as your jagged edge of your knife. Taking a stone and shaping the knife with a sharp point is very easy to do, that is if you can find a source of bamboo in the area that you are lost in. You can also find metals throughout the wilderness that you can use and have been proven to be very effective in protecting yourself from other predators, as well as building and cutting things. The metal acts just as a real knife does and if you are lucky enough to find some spare metal around, you can easily shave it down into the shape of a knife with a very sharp point.

Knives have always been a very important and significant tool to have if you are deciding to embark on any type of outdoor trip or adventure and should definitely be an item that is a necessity for your survival backpack. So make sure the next time you plan on going on a wilderness adventure that you make sure to stop at the store and grab you some reliable wilderness knives or make your own homemade knife through one of the methods described. You’ll find that a handy knife can be a very valuable tool to have when you are trying to surviving in the outdoors!

“Must Have” Survival Gear

So you have planned an exciting, adventurous, and fun filled outdoor trip, right? Now it’s time to pack up some basic survival gear, just in case the worst case scenario happens. Here are a few of the most popular items to have in your backpack the next time you decide to go on your next outdoor adventure!

You first need to think about the common things that you would need if you happened to get lost in the outdoors. Imagine if you were lost in the woods and what all you would need to make your survival a priority. One of the most important things you need to first pack is water and canned foods. You can keep filled canteens for your water supply and you always want to make sure that you take along canned foods because they are non-perishable food items. Having both food and water packed in your backpack is very important supplies that you should always have when going on an outdoor trip.

You also want to make sure that you pack a can opener to open your canned foods as well as a bowl and utensils to eat with. It is also very important that you carry a metal pot to warm your food from. Another important tool to have packed in your backpack is a knife. You can use a knife for many different things such as skinning animals and food preparation, cutting rope, and you can also use it as a weapon against preying animals. Another important supply you should carry in your backpack is a lighter or matches to help you start a fire. Many people don’t know how to start a fire from scratch, and although this is a very important skill to have if you are lost in the woods, for those of you who don’t know how to start a fire you will need to make sure you pack a lighter and matches to help you get the flames you need to start your fire.

Carrying extra blankets is also a very important supply to have when you are going on an outdoor trip. You never know if you happen to get injured and you need the cloth to help the wound or if you need the extra warmth during cold nights on your campsite. You can also use blankets to create yourself a shelter if you can’t find any other types of material to make a secure shelter. Another great thing to have in your survival backpack is water purifier tablets. This can be a very handy tool if you happen to run out of your own supply of water. A lot of the times water cannot be found free flowing in the wilderness and you can use the water purification tablets to disinfect any water that you find, allowing you to be able to consume without any risk of it harming your body.

A few other important components that need to be packed if you are going on an outdoor trip are a compass and a map of the location you will be taking your trip to. This can help you keep track of where you are and how far away you are from your way back. You also want to make sure that you carry a watch with you as well to better help you with keeping up with the time of the day or night. You can become very unaware of what day or time it may be when you are lost.

Another great thing to have packed in your backpack is a first aid kit. Your kit should include first aid equipment such as band aids, disinfectants, alcohol pads, etc.… basically anything that you would need for a basic injury.

Although there are a ton of different supplies that you can take with you in your backpack during your outdoor trip, these are some of the most important supplies that you need to have packed the next time you decided to go on a wilderness trip. Make sure that you research other items that you can pack in your survival backpack, just make sure that you don’t make your backpack to heavy because you want to still be comfortable and mobile at the same time. Realize you can’t take the whole house, however you do need to pack the essentials to surviving even days out in the wilderness by yourself. So make sure the next time you plan your next outdoor adventure that you include these basic survival items in your backpack.

Foods for Wilderness Survival

When you find yourself lost in the wilderness, it is very important to know what types of foods are available for you to consume. Most of your food can be found naturally and come in different varieties such as wild berries, fish and other water foods, insects and bugs, birds, and other large animals. It is very important that you have knowledge about each different type of food source and should be researched and learned about before any type of outdoor trip or adventure. Here is a glance of all the different types of food you can use for survival.

Wild Berries – are one of the easiest and most commonly found food items when you are lost in the woods. Most of the wild berries you will find in the wilderness are edible, however you need to make sure that you research all of the different types of wild berries there are and what they look like, so that you make sure you don’t consume a berries that could potentially harm you. Wild berries are especially easy to find in the summer months, however you can still find some wild berries that will grow in the winter time. So make sure that you research and know your berries for food supply when you are lost in the woods.

Fish and Food from the Water – can easily be found and if they are a source from freshwater in North America are most commonly safe to eat. You can eat fish raw, however it is advised that you warm and cook the fish from a fire or portable grill. Catching fish does not have to be a hard task to perform at all. Many fish you can catch barehanded. The easiest way to capture a ton of fish is by waiting by where the fish are found swimming by and then pinning them down to the bottom of the stream. Although it sounds difficult, in actuality it is not. You can also catch other animals for the water to consume such as shell fish and crayfish. All of these water animals are safe to eat and can be easily captured to give you the nutrients and energy you need to survive in the woods.

Insect and Bugs – two of the safest insects and bugs to eat are grasshoppers and wood grubs. Although they aren’t very tasty they can give you the protein and nutrients you need to provide your body while lost in the woods. These two types of insects can be consumed without cooking, however if it is possible it would be better to cook the two. You also want to make sure that you remove the wings and legs from the grasshopper. You can find grasshoppers in grassy areas and wood grubs can be found in rotten logs. There are a ton of insects and bugs that you can consume if you are trapped in the wilderness however, it is wise to gain a good knowledge about different types of insects and bugs that you can consume. Not all insects and bugs can be consumed without giving you bodily harm which is why it is so important that you know what types are safe and which ones are dangerous.

Birds – Although it is very hard to capture a bird without a gun it is possible with rocks. However, survivalists find it much easier to capture a bird from its nest or to capture bird eggs. Capturing bird eggs is one of the top survival food items that someone can get because they are filled with tons of protein that your body needs to give it energy and to survive. You always want to make sure that you cook the eggs before consumption. Never eat eggs raw.

Larger Mammal Animals – Although it can be a daunting task to capture a larger animal without any weapons, you can still however capture an animal through a trap and then kill them to eat. The easiest way to kill an animal for consumption purposes without the use of a knife or gun is by a rock. Make sure that you cook the animal thoroughly. All though you can consume some large animals raw, it is better to be precautious and cook all of your food that you capture.

Although being lost in the woods can be a very scary situation, making sure that you know the foods that are readily available and surrounding you can alleviate one worry off of your shoulder. Making sure that your body stays hydrated and nourished is very important in your goal to surviving the outdoors, so make sure you keep these tips in mind and use them if you ever become lost in the woods.

What to have when a disaster strikes.

There are plenty of reasons you need to have at lease some preps. Most often here in Alabama it’s Severe Weather. But it could be weather, Pandemic illness, or even a short term power outage. It is always a good idea to have some of these things in an emergency situation of any kind. Most disasters we would encounter are short term, however that does not mean a small localized disaster cannot turn into a much bigger one. So for this post were going to concentrate on disasters and loss of services for less than 1 week.

So below is a list of things to have when a disaster strikes. As before your list may be different and that’s fine.

  1. Solar or Hand Crank AM / FM radio. Like This One
  2. Batteries (at least 2 – 3 sets for all devices that need them)
  3. Emergency Candles. Like These
  4. Canned Food (all Kinds)
  5. Feminine Pads
  6. Flash Light Like This One
  7. Battery Powered Lantern Like This One
  8. Deck Of Cards
  9. Matches and or Lighters
  10. Soap / Shampoo
  11. Spices
  12. Tang / Vitamin C
  13. Suntan Lotion
  14. Tea
  15. Toilet Paper
  16. Basic Hand Tools
  17. Water Filtration Like This
  18. Baby Wipes
  19. Hand Sanitizer
  20. Tooth Brush / Tooth Paste
  21. Small Container of Non scented Bleach
  22. Energy Bars
  23. Nuts
  24. MRE’s Like These
  25. Tuna Packs
  26. Peanut Butter
  27. Plenty Of Drinking Water
  28. Pocket Knife Like this one
  29. Weather Radio Like This one
  30. First Aid Kit Like This One
  31. Tarp Like This One
  32. Work Gloves Like These
  33. Canteen Like This
  34. Hand Warmers Like These
  35. Whistle Like This One
  36. Fire Starters Like This
  37. Maps Of Area
  38. Rain Poncho
  39. Fishing Kit
  40. Propane Stove Like This
  41. Over The Counter Medications


This is only a partial list and could go on and on. It’s Just to give you an idea of some of the things you may need.

Some of the links above are affiliate links and I do make a small percentage of each sale if an item is purchased through the links, I would like to thank you for your support

What to Keep In Short Term Disaster Bag

Like I said in a previous post, There is no one size fits all bag, neither are the contents. The building of your bag is a personal project and should reflect your personal needs. I personally don’t think it is a good idea to go buy a cute little pre-configured “Survival Bag”. Here is a list of items to consider, you don’t have to pack everything, Choose what’s right for you. Click next to each for an example

  1. Small AM / FM Radio Preferably Solar Powered Like This One
  2. Batteries Large to Small (don’t pack ones you don’t need)
  3. Bar of Soap (unscented) eg Ivory
  4. Toothbrush Like This One
  5. 2 pairs of clothes
  6. Pair of Work gloves. Like These
  7. Cold Weather Gloves Like These
  8. Canteens, covers and cups Like This One
  9. Pocket Knife. Like This One
  10. Tactical or Boot knife. Like This One
  11. Sleeping Bag. Like This One
  12. Emergency Blankets Like These
  13. Waterproof Matches. Like These
  14. Spoon and Fork Like This One
  15. Small Stove. Like This One
  16. Military Cook Set Like This One
  17. Water Purifying Tablets. Like These
  18. Toilet Paper.
  19. First Aid Kit Like This One
  20. Over The Counter Medications Like Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc.
  21. MRE’s Like This One
  22. Whistle Like This One
  23. Cell Phone
  24. Solar Cell Phone Charger Like This One
  25. Portable Weather Radio Like This One
  26. Water
  27. Your Prescription Medications

This list is only the beginning, it could go on and on. You could include things like an mp3 player or bible. Just depends on your preferences and needs. These bags are really only meant to be temporary for short term disasters that require you to leave your home. You will never be able to live out of your bag forever. So additional preparations for long term may be needed.

Some of the links above are affiliate links and I do get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase threw those links. I appreciate your support

First things first. Your going to need a bag.

Rather your planning on Bugging out, or bugging in, It’s just common sense to have a bag for a couple of reasons.

1) Organization

2) Less space required

3) And last but not least if there is an emergency and you have to leave you can just grab it and go, No need to worry about locating all your stuff and then packing it.


A lot of people are planning on staying right where they are during a disaster and that’s fine, However you always need a plan just in case, because you never know  what might come your way.

Anyway back to the bag. your going to want to look for a bag that is tough, not to big neither too small. I don’t think there is a one bag that fits all. Because different people have different needs.

For instance if you think you need everything, get a large bag put 200 lbs. worth of gear in it and you yourself can barely walk around, The bag is absolutely no good to you.

Bags range in price from ultra cheap to holy cow, so keep that in mind too. A super cheap bag may be worthless right out of the package, and one of the more extravagant ones may be way too much, so look around see what you like and what might fit your needs.

I personally recommend you have 1 bag for every family member and at least one in your car.

We will talk about some of the things you need in your bag another time.

Below is a relatively cheap bag on Amazon that has amazing reviews. it’s sturdy lightweight, not to big, and not too small. have a look. Click on the picture for details.